WCTF Helps Children

The World Children’s Transplant Fund (WCTF), is a nonprofit organization  dedicated to
the increase of pediatric transplantation around the world.

What WCTF Does

The WCTF funds many projects with the goal of increasing pediatric transplants worldwide. To see a complete list of our active projects, or to submit a project abstract to the WCTF, visit our projects page.

Support Kalem’s Post Surgery Treatment

About the WCTF

Our mission is to provide as many opportunities as possible for lifesaving pediatric transplant surgery to children of the world using our 3 T’s – training, technology and teaching.



Current World Children’s Transplant Fund Project Opportunities

Support Alvaro

Alvaro Gonzalez is a 14-year-old Nicaraguan boy who has recently received a kidney transplant.

Support Kalem

Please consider helping with post-treatment support of 2-year-old Kalem.

Pediatric Transplant Seminar

Bring together pediatric transplant experts here in the United States to teach ...

Awareness Campaign

The WCTF proposes to facilitate an advertising campaign focused on the Spanish ..

Past WCTF Projects

How To Help


WCTF supports the goals of the following organizations: