About Us

About the WCTF


Our mission is to provide as many opportunities as possible for lifesaving pediatric transplant surgery to children of the world using our 3 T’s – training, technology and teaching.


The WCTF facilitates training of all human resources involved in the transplant process, including surgeons, support staff, coordinators, and ancillary organ procurement personnel. Through the use of seminars, conventions, and even hands-on surgical experience, the WCTF helps to develop the necessary training needed in all areas or organ transplantation.


The WCTF works to make available the technology and medical tools necessary to perform pediatric transplants, or even establishing fully operational pediatric organ transplant centers. This is accomplished through the acquisition of necessary medical and technical equipment utilized in pediatric organ transplant surgery.


The increase of successful pediatric organ donation requires that we education the populace regarding the need for donors worldwide. The WCTF strives to increase national and international organ donation through awareness campaigns through national events and media of all kinds.